August 4, 2017

About us



Darlington Family playgroup is a family-orientated playgroup dedicated to the enrichment of children aged 0-5. It is run by mums and dads committed to providing a rich and nurturing environment for our children to learn, play and explore. Darlington Family Playgroup is tucked away in the Perth Hills, surrounded by nature and wildlife. We are lucky to have the open space and the beautiful native flora and fauna. Such a unique location provides a rare and amazing opportunity for our children to explore their environment.

What do you do at Playgroup?

At playgroup, we play, sing, dance, make, create and have fun! We chat, laugh, share, and most importantly, we belong. Darlington Family Playgroup is well equipped with art and craft materials, fixed and mobile outdoor play equipment, indoor play equipment, make-believe play equipment, cubby houses, swings, slides, climbing gear and lots, lots more! Parents and guardians from each group decide how their sessions run. Everyone helps with providing and setting up nutritious morning tea for the group and the cleaning up and packing away afterwards. Some groups might choose to run more structured sessions while others might choose to run more freestyle sessions. Each group is different and it is best if new members discuss their child or children’s needs with the playgroup representative to determine the best session to suit their requirements.

Benefits of Playgroup

We endorse the philosophy that playgroups provide an ideal environment for fostering children’s development through play.

Children benefit from:

  • having fun
  • socialisation and communication
  • new play experiences
  • learning simple routines and rules
  • making friends
  • preparation for schooling

Parents and carers benefit from:

  • having fun together
  • sharing information, ideas and experiences
  • being part of the local community
  • support networks
  • friendships

How does Darlington Family Playgroup operate?

Darlington Family Playgroup is a not-for-profit organisation run by a committee of volunteering mums and dads. Group leaders, helpers, and other members all take turns in performing minor jobs based on rosters and routines to ensure that our playgroup stay a safe and healthy place for everyone involved. During the year members will have the opportunity to participate in some small fundraising activities from which they can also benefit and have some fun. This helps maintain this wonderful facility provided by the Shire of Mundaring.